Delamain Cognac Combo Pack

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Delamain Cognac Combo Pack

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Size: 200 ml Each
Proof: 80
Created: Ranson Delamain

Included In This collection: Delamain Cognac Trio Combo Pack 

  • Pale & Dry
  • X.O, Vesper
  • X.O, Extra

Delamain Cognac Combo Pack- On the palate, it exhibits a clean, crisp character with a subtle of baked pear and sweet texture that touches on the essence of Ranson Delamain Cognac tradition. This Delamain Cognac is equally enjoyable neat or in classic cocktails, making it a versatile choice for those who appreciate the true spirit of Delamain in their drinks. The nose on this one is aromatic with subtle aromas of profound oak and bacon. The palate features a balance of oak, toffee, baked pear, baked banana and honey that is sweet and inviting. The finish is harmonious, with integrated tastes of oak and honey.

Delamain Cognac Combo Pack is produced with a pale and dry XO which is matured for more than three times the required aging period, and ends with a blend of extremely old stocks known as Le Voyage. Delamain’s reserves are sourced entirely from the highest quality Grande Champagne, this unique aging technique has made the Cognacs of Delamain highly coveted by collectors. The Delamain Name can be traced back to Cognac in 1625 when Nicolas Delamain, relocated to England to evade religious persecution. He became the protégé of the Duke of Buckingham and was knighted by Charles I in 1639. He received the Delamain coat of arms, an eagle rising atop a gold shield depicting three bloody crosses, which is still represented on every bottle of his family’s Cognac. In 1759 at age 21 James Delamain returned to Jarnac, where he began working for a Cognac négociant named Issac Ranson, selling to the Irish market on commission. James eventually married Ranson’s only daughter in 1762, which was enough for him to become a partner and then a successor to his business, which is now called Ranson Delamain. After James’ death in 1800, the laws of inheritance created a controversy among his seven children as well as his sons-in-law which proved insurmountable, and the firm was liquidated by 181 

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