Gra'it Vera Grappa Italiana


Gra'it Vera Grappa Italiana

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Size: 750ml
Created in: Northern Italy.

  • Blend of 7 Italian grapes.
  • 40.3% ABV
Gra'it Vera Grappa Italiana is rich and complex with tropical notes of pineapple, coconut, and vanilla.

Gra'it Vera Grappa Italiana is a blend that is aged 12 month in Slavonian oak casks. Distillation occurs as soon as the grape pomace reaches the distillery so as to not alter the integrity of its aromatic structure.  The S.U.B (Sistema Unico Bonollo) is a patented distillation process which originates from the combination of 170 years of experience with the latest technology and equipment. Gra’it took more than 4 years to develop the perfect balance of smoothness, character, taste and versatility.

About the bottle: an 1856 original alchemical mold. The exclusive bottle that holds the Gra’it alchemy was created using an antique mold that was probably made by Venetian alchemists and perfumers. Venezia and the Veneto region have been key players in international alchemy: the very first alchemical text books, originally from the east, are held in Venetian libraries, and alchemical practices in Venetian shops led to the development of several arts such as glass-blowing and perfumery. This is the reason why we wanted Gra’it to have a special bottle, to bring us back to a great Venetian alchemical tradition.

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages.

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