Lagrimas de Dolores Cenizo Colonial Joven Mezcal

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Lagrimas de Dolores Cenizo Colonial Joven Mezcal

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Productora de Mezcal Hacienda Dolores S.P.R. de R.L. was the vision from the Gutierrez family, who for more than 9 years have been experimenting with several types of mezcal production. Our Mezcal is produced entirely with Agave durangensis, which is endemic to the State of Durango in Northern Mexico. The agave is extracted from the hills of Rancho La Campana de Santa Elena, a property owned by the Gutierrez family which is located in the Mezquital Municipality in Durango.

Our product is entering into a market in constant growth. This indicates two things: firstly, there is abundant competition, but it also means there is a great demand for Mezcal. Therefore, it is imperative to establish the factors that will distinguish Lágrimas de Dolores as a unique and premium brand. Three key differentiations that will set our brand apart from the rest.

Lágrimas de Dolores is a premium mezcal from a rare agave and bottled in such a way that it evokes memories of the culture and elegance of a hacienda from XVII century Mexico, Hacienda Dolores. Our bottle was designed and moulded exclusively for Lágrimas de Dolores in Feuquières, France. Small details such as the leather component give the bottle a touch of fine leather art which is typical of Mexican fine-horse culture.

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