135° EAST Dry Gin Hyogo

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135° EAST Dry Gin Hyogo

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 84
Created: Kimio Yonezawa Master Blender & Distiller

  • Japanese Artisan Gin
  • Hand Crafted With 3 Traditional London Botanicals
  • Crowned By A Touch Of Sake
135° EAST Dry Gin Hyogo is delicate yet powerful! A singular sour taste and a bittersweet aroma allow you to feel the spiciness it gives to the gin. Its mild notes add a soft refreshing aroma, yet powerful deep tangy notes that will delight you. The sweetness nicely balances the spiciness, citrusy, and grassy flavors.

135° EAST Dry Gin Hyogo was crafted by Kimio Yonezawa who is the fourth generation Yonezawa managing the company. Who perfected the first Hyogo dry gin and especially its botanicals. He sampled over 50 Japanese botanicals before choosing three traditional London dry gins. Juniper, Angelica, and Coriander. That perfectly mingles with Yuzu, Sansho pepper, Ume, Sencha, and Shiso leaf crowned by a touch of a Sake distillate to smooth the blend. These botanicals are separately distilled. After they are additionally distilled through vacuum distillation in small copper stills to preserve the quality of each botanical. Expertly weaved together, the botanicals of 135° EAST Gin awaken the senses by stimulating the unexpected.

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages.

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