American Born Apple Whiskey

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American Born Apple Whiskey

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 70
 Milestone Brands LLC

  • Apple Flavored
  • 100% Authentic American Born
  • Premium Natural Flavors

American Born Apple Whiskey offers a unique tasting experience that is nothing short of spectacular. The palate reveals an intense apple flavor with strokes of cinnamon, harmoniously balanced with baked green apple and rye finish. American Born Apple Whiskey encapsulates the essence of whiskey-making heritage and embraces the spirit of contemporary craft for those who take voyages of discovery. This unique bourbon is aged to refinement, resulting in complex, layered flavors. The time, and care that goes into its maturation is evident in the incredible depth, and quality of each sip.

American Born Apple Whiskey is made with real, premium apple juice and natural flavors. Tart green apple with a hint of Rye in the finish. It is the oldest and most traditional mountain moonshine recipe, known as "apple pie." It's a tradition that we're proud to carry on inside every mason jar. It’s the story of people who asked only one thing from their government – to be left alone so they could ensure the survival of their families by any means possible – and in doing so demonstrated all the best in American ingenuity and patriotism. We are honored to carry the banner for this incredible spirit in our American Born Moonshine. Every ounce is handcrafted from timeless recipes. Every American-made mason jar is raised to honor the fiercely independent spirit of America and filled with just the right blend of corn, sugar, and water along with roots that trace back to the hills of Appalachia. Three distinct flavors – Original, Apple Pie, and Dixie – all made to pay homage to the past and to continue telling the story of the smooth side of a rough history.

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages.

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