Arak Haddad Crystal

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Arak Haddad Crystal

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Size: 750 ml

  • Cloudy Appearance
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  • High Proof 

Arak Haddad Crystal is known for its premium quality, carefully crafted using traditional distillation techniques and high-quality materials, reflecting the finest standards. It offers a sophisticated and complex flavor profile that is bold with profound aromas of licorice mingled with slight hints of fennel spice. The finish has slightly sweet undertones. 

Arak Haddad Crystal is produced with alcohol that is specially treated. It is boiled in the still, until it produces a vapor that is collected externally by condensation into high degree of liquid Arak. The bulk is then reduced to a bottling strength which results in 100 proof. After it is matured, the Arak is filtered and bottled. It is best consumed by adding water until the Arak in the glass is whitened, and on the rocks. It comes from the rich cultural heritage of Lebanon, where Arak holds special cultural significance. Made in adherence to time-honored methods passed down from generation to generation, this beautiful wine is the craftsmanship and highest quality associated with Lebanese wine production. 

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages.

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