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Cîroc VS Brandy

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 80
Created: Diageo

  • Amber Appearance 
  • Premium Brandy
  • Exceptionally Fresh & Fruity

Cîroc VS Brandy is a brandy delivers a delicious taste as smooth as its refinement. Its palate gives it a clean and crisp finish with subtle finish that lingers on the taste. A premium vodka produced from richly extracted fresh French grapes namely Mauzac Blanc and Ugni blanc. Unique fruity fresh taste feels just so good when it hits you on the tongue. The fifth distillation makes this citrus vodka much more irresistible in flavor. It is smooth and silky with sweet notes of vanilla, fresh fruit, and French oak on the finish. 

Cîroc VS Brandy is a French premium vodka exclusively launched in 2003 by Maison Villevert. Cîroc is a 21st-century fusion with an authentic fruity flavor that tastes of fresh grapes. Its distilled five time to ensure high quality. The spirit is masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of natural flavors, resulting in a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth. Cîroc is available in flavors such as, Cîroc Pineapple Vodka, Cîroc Pomegranate Vodka, Cîroc Apple Vodka, Cîroc Peach Vodka, Cîroc Mango Vodka, Cîroc Coconut Vodka, Cîroc Premium Vodka, Cîroc Passion Vodka, Cîroc Summer Citrus Vodka, Cîroc Summer Watermelon Vodka, Cîroc Red Berry Vodka, Cîroc Black Raspberry Vodka, Cîroc French Vanilla Vodka & Cîroc VS Brandy. Enjoy on the rocks, as a shot, or mixed in your favorite cocktail.

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