Del Maguey Espadin Especial Mezcal

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Del Maguey Espadin Especial Mezcal

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 80-100
Created:  Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico

  • 100% Espadin Agave
  • Twice Distilled
  • Handcrafted In The Tropical Microclimate

Del Maguey Espadin Especial Mezcal is packaged in a unique green colored bottle, this is distinctive to the brand Del Maguey. This unique mezcal is fragrant and floral with prominent notes of cooked agave, with slight hints of florals with sweet vanilla, citrus and tropical notes. The finish is tropical with notes of pineapple, caramel, and butterscotch. 

Del Maguey Espadin Especial Mezcal is a unique spirit that is bottled in a Special Edition bottle made from giant semi-wild, maguey Arroqueño that is dedicated to Thor Heyerdahl, who is a Biologist, Explorer and Great Human Being. The magueys are roasted in a conical pit over hot rocks, buried with earth for three days, fermented with nothing but airborne microbes for thirty days, then twice -distilled very slowly in an ancient clay still with bamboo tubing the original, centuries-old Oaxacan, hand-crafted way.

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages.

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