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Empress Gin & Hendrick's Lunar Gin & INDOGGO Gin Bundle

Included in this Collection:

Empress Gin 

The original, all-natural, color-changing gin. Empress 1908 Indigo Gin is infused with the vibrantly tinted butterfly pea blossom, adding a singularly distinct expression - an impossibly lush and vivid indigo blue, with a stunning secret to reveal; with the addition of citrus or tonic, Empress 1908 is transformed from its breathtaking indigo to a soft pink.

Nose: The nose carries assertive flavors of citrus pith and bitter root.

Palate: A slightly sweet violet perfume lingers in the mouth and lends itself to a round, glycerol mouth feel.

Finish: Smooth finish.

Hendrick's Lunar Gin


Snoop Dogg's Indoggo gin is crafted with 7 botanicals and all-natural strawberry flavor with no added sugar. Fresh, clean, and fruity, it's perfect on the rocks or in cocktails. Try it in Snoop Dogg's very own gin & juice recipe!

All items will be shipped together. Bottle Size: 750ml

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