FEW American Gin

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FEW American Gin

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Size: 750 ml
 Evanston, Illinois

  • Created With 70% Corn, 20% Wheat, 10% Malt
  • 11 Natural Botanicals
  • Made 100% Grain-To-Glass

FEW American Gin is a testament to authentic gin craftsmanship, crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality, capturing the essence of natural botanicals. It is rich and complex with profound aromas of grain on the nose. The palate features light undertones of juniper, mingled with cherries, and raspberries. The finish is sweet with slight hint of vanilla, and notes of lemon peel on the back end of the palate. 

FEW American Gin is the favorite for those seeking the authenticity, cultural richness, and unique spirit of this unique American Gin. Embrace Illinois rich heritage and elevate your drinking experience with FEW Spirits American Gin, where tradition, innovation, and flavor combine in a spirited celebration of American culture and craftsmanship. It is a whiskey that was found by a persistent man named Paul Hletko who recognized that laws were in need of a dire change, and so he fought to overturn them and became the first distiller of grain spirits within the city limits. This unique spirit is mashed, fermented, distilled and aged in air-dried oak barrels. It is bottled in this unique shaped bottled at FEW distillery.  Uncover a legacy of superior craftsmanship with FEW Spirits American Gin. Add to your cart to embark on a timeless journey of taste and tradition. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks to fully appreciate its complex flavor profile. 

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages. 

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