Giffard Wild Elderflower Premium Liqueur

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Giffard Wild Elderflower Premium Liqueur

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Size: 750 ml

  • Burgundy Blackcurrants
  • Golden With Green Hues
  • Crafted With Elderflower
Giffard Wild Elderflower Premium Liqueur is rich and complex with bitter notes of saffron, and licorice notes. Sweet herbal florals, muscat grape, and lychee fruit.  The preparation includes macerating to extract the components of blackcurrants, resulting in bright and authentic fruit flavors that capture the region's essence. Cassis Noir de Bourgogne offers a luxurious finish. Its deep, dark color and intense fruit make it a sought-after ingredient in cocktails and a classic choice for enjoying pure black currants.

Giffard Wild Elderflower Premium Liqueur is just one from this unique series developed by: Emile Giffard with tradition in mind, it has been produced by the Giffard Family for over four generations using the finest ingredients and time-tested methods to create their liqueurs and ensure each one remains the same. Emile Giffard was a pharmacist before he became a distiller. It was founded in 1885, when the scorching heat of the summers inspired him to create something that would cool and refresh his clientele. Lucky for them (and for us), Emile was also a gourmand, began researching the digestive properties of mint as he embarked on his endeavor. Using steam distillation of Mitcham peppermint, Emile created a liqueur that was as delicious as it was refreshing. Emile promptly turned his pharmacy into a distillery and established the tradition and quality for which Giffard is known worldwide.

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages. 

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