Lighthouse Batch Distilled Gin

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Lighthouse Batch Distilled Gin

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 80
Created: New Zeland

  • Crystal Clear Appearance
  • Small Batch Distilled
  • Infused With Natural Botanicals

Lighthouse Batch Distilled Gin is a spirit imbibed with New Zealand’s natural splendor. Crafted in Martinborough, this gin is a fusion of nine hand-selected botanicals and pure Rimutaka Mountain Range Spring Water, offering a refreshingly crisp yet complex flavor profile. Upon savoring, the gin unfolds with magnificent lemon and juniper accents leading into a finely spiced mid-palate and a soft lingering finish, embodying a perfect balance of citrus and juniper with deeper spices adding a layer of complexity.

Lighthouse Batch Distilled Gin is a tribute to the serene yet wild landscapes of New Zealand. Crafted meticulously in the picturesque town of Martinborough, this gin is the brainchild of Neil Catherall, who established the Light House Gin brand in 2005. The distillery, under the adept stewardship of New Zealand's first female head distiller, Rachel Hall, continues to enthrall gin enthusiasts with its unique blend of nine botanicals, particularly Yen Ben lemons native to the region, along with navel oranges, coriander seed, almond, cassia bark, cinnamon quills (stick), licorice root, orris root, and of course, juniper. The gin's essence is further elevated by the use of pure Rimutaka Mountain Range Spring Water, which is blended with a neutral spirit derived from sugar cane imported from South Africa. This concoction is then macerated with the botanicals in a copper-pot still overnight before undergoing a double distillation process, which imparts a refined, smooth, and elegant palate to the gin.

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