Louis Jolliet V.S.O.P

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Louis Jolliet V.S.O.P

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Size: 750 ml

  • Made In Honor Of A Famous Explorer
  • Distinctive Spicy Vanilla Palate
  • Highly Collectible Bottle

Louis Jolliet V.S.O.P is a beautiful Cognac made in honor of Louis Jolliet, a French Canadian explorer whose multiple explorations were instrumental in the establishment of North America. Among his several expeditions was his discovery of the upper Mississippi River in 1673. Its marvelous copper and light amber hues touch the tongue while the nose is treated to light floral notes of vine flower and lime tea. Candied fruits follow before everything reaches a finish thanks to the sweet notes of vanilla and warm pastry. 

Louis Jolliet V.S.O.P is an elegant cognac made in honor of Louis Jolliet, the French-Canadian explorer who undertook daring explorations that were to prove central to the founding of North America. Chief among his many discoveries was finding the upper Mississippi River back in 1673. It is produced by a brand consistently committed to quality and tradition, Louis Jolliet V.S.O.P has become a symbol of excellence in spirits. Whether you enjoy it in France or around the world, it's a must-have for cognac enthusiasts who want to choose this incredible cognacs authenticity and unique taste. Embrace the Mexican spirit and let your' drinking experience be elevated with Louis Jolliet V.S.O.P – where tradition, flavor, and everything you drink become one.

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