McQueen And The Violet Fog Gin

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McQueen And The Violet Fog Gin

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 80
Created: Brazil

  • Crystal Clear Appearance
  • Produced In Small Batches
  • Infused With Natural Botanicals

McQueen And The Violet Fog Gin is handcrafted in the verdant hills of Jundiaí, Brazil. With a blend of 21 botanicals, including six rare 'signature' botanicals. This artisanal gin is made in Jundiai, Brazil, using a secret blend of 21 botanicals, that include basil, rosemary, fennel seed, calamansi, star anise and acai, with a strong juniper core. The nose is full of orchard fruit and fresh grass aromas, with a rich, spicy undercurrent. The palate offers notes of fresh herbs, sharp berries and aromatic spices. this gin unfolds a complex, subtle, and incredibly smooth spirit, offering a unique gin experience unlike any other."

McQueen And The Violet Fog Gin is a spectacular spirit handcrafted in the lush hills of Jundiaí, Brazil, introducing a gin experience that is as unique as its origin. Distilled with an ensemble of 21 botanicals gathered from across the globe, this gin showcases six 'signature' botanicals rarely found in gin: Indian basil, Portuguese rosemary, Mediterranean fennel seeds, South Pacific calamansi, Vietnamese star anise, and Brazilian acai. This botanical harmony unfolds a complex, subtle, and incredibly smooth spirit, engaging the palate with a delightful floral and citrus narrative. Recognized globally as one of the most unique and compelling spirits, McQueen & The Violet Fog Gin has garnered recognition from numerous organizations, underscoring its extraordinary character and quality. The gin is meticulously crafted in small batches of about 500 liters, based on a neutral sugar cane alcohol, embodying the essence of Brazilian craftsmanship and the rich botanical diversity the world offer.

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages.

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