Metaxa 7 Stars Brandy

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Metaxa 7 Stars Brandy

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Size: 750 ml

  • Golden Amber Appearance
  • Matured A Minimum Of 7 Years
  • The Finest Wine Distillates

Metaxa 7 Stars Brandy features aromas of elegant, warm and fruity Intense muscat and ripe peach. The palate is flavorful with notes of dried prunes, carob and herbal honey Balanced texture, pleasant spices, with notes of fire honey and black raisin. The finish is velvety, with a pleasant linger of black raisin. METAXA 7 Stars’ floral and versatile character is best explored neat, on ice or in long drinks. 

Metaxa 7 Stars Brandy is an elegant cognac which is on a journey to offer a one-of-a-kind amber spirit. Experience the unique taste of aged wine distillates with Muscat wines of Samos and Mediterranean botanicals for an intense smoothness. Fine, aged distillates and aromatic Muscat wines from the island of Samos bestow upon METAXA 7 Stars its unique, floral character. Dark honey in color, it offers flowery, fruity aromas and soft, slightly woody flavors. The inimitable spirit character of METAXA is crowned with the gift of Muscat wine. A noble varietal, Muscat has been yielding wines of the highest aromatic concentration since Antiquity. The finest Muscats are chosen by the Metaxa Master to blend with his aged distillates, thus creating the signature smoothness of METAXA. At the edge of Europe, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Muscat vineyards are nourished by the Sun, kept cool by the sea breeze, their roots piercing tough mineral soil.

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