Mezan Single Distillery Rum Panama 2006

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Mezan Single Distillery Rum Panama 2006

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 80
Created: Panama

  • Multi Column Distillation
  • Aged In Ex-Bourbon Casks & Finished In Moscatel Casks 
  • Bright Orange Appearance

Mezan Single Distillery Rum Panama 2006 offers the Caribbean's cherished rum-making tradition with Mezan Single Distillery Rum. Unadulterated, uncolored, and unchill filtered, this rum echoes the authentic essence of the Caribbean. Distilled in multicolumn stills it is flavorful, with brown sugar on the nose. The palate features notes of candied oranges, and apricot. The finish is caramel, and molasses.

Mezan Single Distillery Rum Panama 2006 has been produced at the Guyana 2005 from Diamond Distillery was distilled in the double wooden pot still from the original Port Mourant Estate which was founded in 1732. When the estate closed, the still was first moved to Uitvlugt Distillery and then, finally, to Diamond where it now produces medium to heavy Demerara style rum. Mezan Single Distillery Rum is an untouched delight hailing from the heart of Panama. It epitomizes the Caribbean’s rich rum-making legacy, being unsweetened, uncolored, and unchill filtered, representing a pure, authentic style of rum that resonates through every sip1. This rum is crafted from molasses in multi-column stills, underlining a meticulous distillation process that is a nod to traditional craftsmanship. The story doesn't end at distillation; the rum is aged gracefully in ex-bourbon casks until it reaches its optimal maturity, after which it is finished in Moscatel casks, adding a unique dimension to its flavor profile. Its origins from a single distillery in Panama, where the climate ranges from hot and humid lowlands to cool, moist highlands, infuse it with a distinct character that is hard to come by. 

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