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Moulin Vodka

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Moulin Vodka is handcrafted in the town of Angoulême, at the heart of the Charente region in the southwest of France. Master Distiller Jean-Marc Daucourt creates Moulin Vodka from premium wheat and limestone-filtered water sourced from the Pyrenées Mountains.

The Moulin starts with its high quality French wheat, from the plaine de la Beauce region of north western France (the most fertile area for cereal production) with a distinct flavor profile due to the nutrient rich soil in which it grows.

Moulin vodka uses only the finest water, sourced from the Pyrenées Mountains. Filtered naturally through  underground limestone, the water is cleansed of many negative minerals, nitrates, and salts, giving it a pure taste. This purity plays a vital role in allowing the finished vodka to display only its unique.

And its process is the best part. It employs a three-stage technique.

1. The first involves distilling the vodka seven times to achieve the desired level of purity.

2. Second is aeration with a flow of oxygen, going from the bottom to the top of the vat, releasing the bad esters and eliminating any impurities. 

3. Lastly, the vodka is charcoal filtered to maximize the spirit’s refinement.

This vodka received 97 points from Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, USA.

Aroma - An intensely clean presentation that ends with just a suggestion of zested lime.

Palate - A very soft, smooth mouth feel displaying subtle notes of vanilla evenly textured across the roof of the mouth and tongue.

Finish - A light, yet stylish, finish that feels perfectly balanced.

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