No. 209 Dry Gin Barrel Reserve Chardonnay Barrel Finish

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No. 209 Dry Gin Barrel Reserve Chardonnay Barrel Finish

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 92
Created: United States

  • Infused With Natural Botanicals
  • Golden Appearance
  • Chardonnay Barrel Reserved

No. 209 Dry Gin Barrel Reserve Chardonnay Barrel Finish is a wine barrel-aged elegance of No.209 Chardonnay Barrel Reserve Gin. Aged for 119 days in medium toasted French oak casks, this gin unfolds a bouquet of grassy notes, intertwined with buttery-toffee, oak, and a heart of classic gin botanicals. A smooth transition from subtly sweet to a gin-inspired mid-palate makes it a unique spirit for the discerning palate. No. 209 Chardonnay Barrel Reserve Gin initially shows a grassy nose followed by buttery-toffee and a hint of oak. The fist sip is subtly sweet and almost fruity, followed by a gin-inspired mid-palate with juniper, cardamom, orange and a hint of eucalyptus. Its finish is rich, long and lingering with a light tannin tang, the sweetness, toasted oak and a pronounced butterscotch note carrying on until the next sip. The Chardonnay Barrel Reserve Gin won a Master Medal in the Gin Masters Competition by the Spirits Business in 2018.

No. 209 Dry Gin Barrel Reserve Chardonnay Barrel Finish is a harmonious blend of the vinous and the botanical. Crafted in the United States, this gin undergoes a meticulous aging process for 119 days in medium-toasted Sequin Moreau and Francois Fréres French oak casks, which imparts a unique character to the spirit. Upon the first encounter, it exudes a grassy nose followed by nuances of buttery-toffee and a hint of oak. The first sip is subtly sweet and almost fruity, leading to a gin-inspired mid-palate rich with juniper, cardamom, orange, and a hint of eucalyptus, making it a complex yet balanced spirit perfect for sipping or mixing in cocktails. This gin is a testament to the innovative approach of combining the winemaking tradition with gin distillation, showcasing a gentle sweetness, complemented by a light balsamic touch that adds an extra layer of complexity. 

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