Ransom Whipper Snapper Whiskey

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Ransom Whipper Snapper Whiskey

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 84
Created: Kentucky

  • Barley Wheat Whiskey
  • Rich Amber Appearance
  • Oregon Spirit Whisky

Ransom Whipper Snapper Whiskey opens up with warm, toasty notes of hazelnut and rye loaf, underpinned by creamy malt aromas. The palate is lively but giving, with a deft balance between aromatics of grain and barrel; notes of crystal malt, demerara sugar, and sweet earth. WhipperSnapper finishes with an elegant flourish of viscosity and vibrant, expressive notes of rye and malt. This bourbon is craft believes that wine and spirits are a celebration of life. Drinking premium quality, handcrafted wine and spirits can compliment good food and add to the sense of delight and fulfillment found in gathering to eat and drink.

Ransom Whipper Snapper Whiskey is a bourbon pays homage to Kentucky’s beautiful historic landscapes, weaving the state deeply into the fabric of bourbon history. This bourbon is carefully crafted and showcases celebrated miniature crafts in Kentucky’s distilling tradition. It reflects a commitment to achieving a complex and elegant bourbon that reflects the balance and sophistication associated with Kentucky State. Elevate your bourbon experience by serving the beauty of Kentucky and the small artisans embodied by Ransom Rye Barley Wheat Whiskey. Whether you enjoy it in Kentucky or around the world, it's a must-have for whiskey enthusiasts who want to choose this incredible whiskeys' authenticity and unique taste. 

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages.


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