Riazuleño Mezcal Joven Contemporaneo Tobala Y Espadin

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Riazuleño Mezcal Joven Contemporaneo Tobala Y Espadin

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 84
Created: Mexico

  • Crafted Using Time Honored Methods
  • Crystal Clear Appearance
  • Crafted With 100% Agave
Riazuleño Mezcal Joven Contemporaneo Tobala Y Espadin is crafted from 100% Espadin agave harvested from the foothills region of the state of Oaxaca in the city of San Dionisio, Ocotepec in highlands of Jalisco. The pinas are cooled for up to three days in conic pits with hot volcanic rocks and covered with a hay like fabric to hold in the smoke. The result is an intensely flavorful spirit, offering notes of ripe tropical fruit, sweet agave and smoke. Bright notes of green apple and roasted agave appear on the slightly sweet palate and merge with rich flavors of cinnamon, wet stone and mineral.

Riazuleño Mezcal Joven Contemporaneo Tobala Y Espadin is a brand that honors Mexico's mezcal heritage, celebrates the region's cultural richness and heritage, and Takes inspiration from Mexico's diverse landscapes and the joys of its people, embracing modern techniques that enhance the craft. It weaves, that is to say, the vibrant fabric of the country has been the art of modern brewing. Riazuleño Mezcal is the favorite for those seeking the authenticity, cultural richness, and unique spirit of this unique mescal. Embrace Mexico's heritage and elevate your drinking experience at Clásico Espadín – where tradition, innovation, and flavor combine in a spirited celebration of Mexican culture and craftsmanship.

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages.

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