St-Rémy XO Brandy

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St-Rémy XO Brandy

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 80
Created: Speyside, Scotland

  • French Oak Barrels
  • Amber Appearance With Golden Highlights 
  • Prestigious French Vineyards
St-Rémy XO Brandy features an amber appearance with subtle, rich red hues, This splendid brandy is followed by a delicate woody and vanilla aroma, very quickly replaced by notes of ripe fruit, jam and honey. The palate is rich and full of character with undertones of gingerbread, and candied apricots, dates, and figs. The finish is subtle with a spicy and aromatic flavor. 

St-Rémy XO Brandy is an authentic French brandy, St. Remy VSOP, meticulously aged in small French oak barrels, embracing a palette of exquisite fruity, floral aromas, and subtle vanilla notes. With a rich heritage dating back to 1886, St. Remy VSOP is an epitome of French elegance and tradition in every sip.  St. Remy VSOP Brandy is an embodiment of authentic French elegance. Exclusively distilled from varietal wines sourced from France's prestigious vineyards, this brandy is a testament to St. Remy's long-standing tradition of excellence. The meticulous aging process in small French oak barrels lends it a magnificent amber hue with golden highlights, offering a visual treat even before the first sip. The bouquet is intense, revealing a blend of exquisite fruity and floral aromas, accentuated by subtle tones of vanilla. The taste is a harmonious balance between the sweet and woody notes, making St. Remy VSOP a versatile choice for brandy connoisseurs. Launched in 1980, St. Remy VSOP has since been a symbol of the iconic and historical taste that has made St. Remy a globally recognized brand. The delicate and balanced style stems from a meticulous selection of wine eauxde-vie from a variety of vines, showcasing the rich brandy heritage of France. 

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages. 

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