WhistlePig 21 Year With Glencairn Set & Cigar Bundle

WhistlePig 21 Year With Glencairn Set & Cigar Bundle

WhistlePig 21 Year With Glencairn Set & Cigar Bundle

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 92
Created: WhistlePig Farm Distillery

Included In This Collection: WhistlePig 21 Year, Glencairn Glass Set, JM's Dominican Maduro Churchill Cigar

  • Aged For 21 Years
  • Aged In American Oak
  • "Beholden"

WhistlePig 21 Year is part of a series of Whiskeys produced in Vermont to commemorate the Harvest of the Whistle pig. This Single Malt Whisky is produced with a mash bill of corn malted barely and extra rye to impart a spicier tone all through out the whiskey. This Single Malt is is rich and complex with a buttery feel all through out. On the palate, you'll notice sweet tones of maple, baked apples, and baking spice. The finish is is silky with undertones of vanilla.

WhistlePig 21 Year is also known as "The Béhôlden" which is the first North American Single Malt, that has been matured twice as long as any other. It is a premium single malt whiskey worthy of any connoisseur. As there were only 18 barrels in the Spring 2023 release. It was produced in Shoreham, Vermont at a 500 acre farm which is not opened to the public. Whistlepig has continued to grow in popularity due to its longer aging process and premium packaging. This old whisky is Hand Bottled in Vermont.

The Glencairn Whisky Glass Set is an innovative whiskey glass that allows one to savor the taste of fine whiskey. They are great to use for any of your Single Malt Whiskeys, Single Barrel Bourbons, and Irish Malt Whiskeys. Its tapered mouth allows you to smell all of the aromas whisky has to offer. Any whisky connoisseur will love a Glencairn glass! All spirits have their Glass that bests compliments the experience. Glencairn Crystal is the ideal glass for whiskey, it was designed by Raymond Davidson nearly 25 years earlier, however, its development involved gathering the master blenders from the five largest whiskey companies and asking them to help perfect his initial design. Even though the whiskey glass's traditional style is an Old Fashioned whiskey tumbler, it does not hold and focus the aromas as much for the experience of the drinker as the other styles, which curve inward towards the top of the glass. While not all drinkers may find the strong aroma produced by such glasses, inward-curved glasses are often preferred by connoisseurs who consider the aroma especially important to the experience.

JM's Dominican Churchill Maduro Cigars are premium cigars which are manufactured by the JM Tobacco Company in Santiago, Dominican Republic. JM's are handmade with prime Dominican Cuban-seed long filler tobaccos. These Cigars are hand rolled from well-aged Cuban seed tobacco leaves which are grown in the rich soils of the Dominican Republic and then wrapped carefully in a dark and oily Broadleaf Maduro wrapper to create a bold, and hearty cigar. The honey-like sweetness and the natural sweet aroma make this cigar enjoyably smooth and flavorful of earthy smoke.

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages. 

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