Cream of Kentucky Single Barrel 12.3 Years Old

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Cream of Kentucky Single Barrel 12.3 Years Old

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 80
Created: J.W. Rutledge Distillery

  • Straw Gold Appearance 
  • Light Gold Apperance
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Cream of Kentucky Single Barrel 12.3 Years Old offers a unique tasting experience. smooth and unforgettable, this is a remarkable bourbon that captures the essence of Kentucky Distillery energy and creative spirit, creating a vivid and versatile bourbon experience. It is remarkable versatile balance and smooth touches that produces a  sweet touch of cherries on the nose, that goes with vanilla, citrus,nuts, and baked goods. It represents a brand that values​​ the traditions and time-honored methods of bourbon-making. Each bottle is a testament to the makers’ commitment, aiming to capture the essence of Kentucky’s bourbon heritage.

Cream of Kentucky Single Barrel 12.3 Years Old dates back to 1888. Prior to the end of Prohibition, the brand was acquired by the Schenley Company and subsequently re-introduced in 1934. Through the 1930s and 1940s, Cream of Kentucky grew to become one of the leading bourbon brands, with renowned artist Norman Rockwell provided much of the award winning artwork for the brand during its heyday. Cream of Kentucky is now owned by J.W. Rutledge. former Master Distiller at Four Roses, and Cream Of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is the a sourced whiskey that serves as the first re-introduction to the famous brand with J.W. Rutledge distillery set to open in 2019.

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages.

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