Guillotine Heritage & Originale Vodka Bundle

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Guillotine Heritage & Originale Vodka Bundle

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Size: 750 ml
Proof: 80
Created: Mr. Berkmann

Included In This Collection: Guillotine Heritage & Originale Vodka Bundle

  • Golden Appearance
  • Crystal Clear Appearance
  • Local Inspiration
Guillotine Originale Ultra-Premium Vodka is presented in a bottle that encapsulates the mysteries of the craft and spirit movement. Guillotine Originale Ultra-Premium Vodka symbolizes modern creativity and sophistication, telling the essence of its innovative distillation. It is light and aromatic with notes of bright citrus, hints of almond and toffee. The nose is sharp, punctuated by soft notes of fresh lemon. 
Guillotine Heritage Barrel-Aged Vodka is a testament to craftsmanship, meticulously crafted with an unwavering commitment to excellence and capturing the essence of the new vodka craft. It is rich and complex with prominent notes of licorice and Szechuan pepper that gives this exceptional vodka just the right amount of umami.

Guillotine Heritage & Originale Vodka Bundle is a brand that pays homage to the craft of distilling's heritage, celebrating the country’s rich diversity and innovative spirit. Drawing inspiration from America’s diverse terroirs and the inventive nature of its people, it embraces modern techniques that enhance the craft and preserve time-honored practices. Each bottle tells the story of American craftsmanship, blending the country’s cultural richness with contemporary vintage innovation. This is a classic, clear vodka made from the finest Champagne-region grapes. The spirit delicately coats the mid-palate, exposing a complex structure that flows into a clean and well-balanced finish. Taste carefully and you’ll also find the smooth and velvety palate delivers a light fruity hint of Zante currants.

Please drink responsibly, you must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages.

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